Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the IAIS

“Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion brings lasting benefits on the basis of sustained commitment. As we continue to prioritise DEI as an enabler of how we deliver better outcomes, we intend to maintain and build upon the momentum with which we have started.”

– Gerry Cross, IAIS DEI Champion

In addition to having adopted DEI as a key strategic theme of the IAIS’ external, supervisory work programme, the IAIS is leading by example strengthening its own DEI as a global membership association. 

The following statement was approved by the IAIS Executive Committee on 9 November 2022.

IAIS members are encouraged to also visit the member-only page on the IAIS’ action on DEI.  

Our vision

The IAIS is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and of being respected and valued.

We believe that difference of all kinds within a group fosters diversity of thought, which is essential in accomplishing our mission to promote effective and globally consistent supervision of the insurance industry for the protection of policyholders, and to contribute to global financial stability.

With a membership of more than 200 jurisdictions from across the globe, geographical diversity is an asset inherent to the IAIS, but is not where our diversity focus ends. We also consider it key that our work is informed by diversity of supervisory approach, socioeconomic development, market size and maturity, experience and perspectives.

We respect and value personal differences in the collection of people making up our membership, forming our committees, participating in our events and activities, occupying our leadership positions and contributing at the Secretariat. That includes differences arising from age, culture, disability, educational background, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, professional experience, race, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation and socio-economic background.

We understand that without inclusion the full benefits of diversity can be unrealised. That’s why we are committed to working on approaches and strategies that enable everyone engaging with the IAIS to do so actively and fully. We also recognise that the same treatment of all does not necessarily lead to the same outcome for all, and we believe in providing equitable opportunity to participate.

Our plan

In 2022 we embarked on a journey to become more intentional about diversity, equity and inclusion at the IAIS. We appreciate that this is something to continue working on over time, not a ‘set and forget’ exercise.

In 2023 we maintained our momentum by:

  • Analysing currently available information regarding the diversity that exists across the composition of the IAIS (sub)committees and Secretariat;  
  • Formalising our commitment to DEI within relevant policies;
  • Fostering inclusion of members, with particular attention to members from Emerging Market and Developing Economy jurisdictions, members from smaller jurisdictions and new members; and
  • Becoming even more resolved in our pursuit of speaker and topic diversity at IAIS conferences and seminars.

In 2024 we anticipate continuing and building upon our efforts. We have an ongoing interest in gathering feedback and ideas from a broad cross-section of our membership to inform our strategy.

“IAIS members come from more than 200 jurisdictions, and over 60% are emerging markets and developing economies. Fostering inclusion is vital to harness the diverse experiences and perspectives brought by each of our members.”

– Jonathan Dixon, IAIS Secretary General


“Contemporising and prioritising our approach to DEI best enables the IAIS to successfully accomplish its mission. DEI isn’t simply ‘the right thing to do’; it’s a crucial ingredient for being our best as a global standard setter.”

– Helen Rowell, Inaugural IAIS DEI Champion 2021 to 2023