Member Assessment Programme

The IAIS’ assessment activities aim to demonstrate the implementation of the ICPs across the IAIS’ full membership. Whilst other assessment methods are designed to either assess multiple IAIS members or enable members to assess themselves, the Member Assessment Programme (MAP) is an in-depth assessment of one member’s implementation of all current ICPs.

The MAP provides IAIS members with detailed insights into the observance of the entire set of ICPs within one jurisdiction, involving assessments conducted both off- and on-site. The assessment includes a review of not only the legal structure and regulations of the jurisdiction, but its supervisory policies and practices using an evidence-based approach. The resulting output is a comprehensive report featuring recommendations for improving the observance of supervisory standards, akin to the IMF and World Bank’s Report on the Observance of the Standards and Codes (ROSC) initiative and Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP).

The IAIS has already completed four MAPs since 2019. In July 2023, the IAIS concluded the MAP on Albania, releasing the assessment report. The MAP currently underway is for the Sultanate of Oman, with completion scheduled for mid- 2025. There is a further assessment in the pipeline for 2025.

Key documents