Supervisory capacity building

Building supervisory capacity and facilitating the understanding of supervisory issues is key to advance the IAIS strategic goals. The IAIS supports its members in putting into practice its supervisory material and facilitates peer-exchange initiatives to discuss supervisory issues, emerging trends and proactively tackle supervisory challenges.

The IAIS’ work on supervisory capacity building covers a broad and diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, accounting and auditing, capital and solvency, climate risk, conduct of business, financial inclusion, financial stability, FinTech, governance, reinsurance, resolution, supervisory capacity building and sustainable insurance.

Supporting emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE) is central to the IAIS activities promoting the implementation of the supervisory material. Together with the implementation partners, the IAIS has facilitated an increasing range of initiatives, strengthened its regional presence and fostered regional EMDE engagement. The IAIS’ current focus in supporting and engaging with EMDE Members is on the following activities:

  • Regular virtual meetings of EMDE Members, including updates from key implementation partners and regional coordinators; 
  • Updates to EMDE Members on progress with the IAIS’ projects and activities, such as application papers or implementation and assessment monitoring exercises; and
  • Targeted consultations with EMDE Members on the IAIS’ annual work programme, including emerging topics such as Covid-19, including strategic and emerging topics.