Strategic Plan and Roadmap

The objectives of the IAIS are driven by its five-year Strategic Plan, with its projects and activities outlined in a two-year workplan (“Roadmap”).

Strategic Plan

The IAIS’ Strategic Plan sets out the High-Level Goals (HLGs) and strategies of the IAIS. It describes how the IAIS will maintain and adjust its core functions of developing global standards, supporting implementation and contributing to global financial stability, while supporting our Members in proactively responding to a range of accelerating trends and challenges. The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan can be found below.

The High-Level Goals guide the Associations’ work and leverage the potential for effective collaboration with Members, partner organisations, other standard-setting bodies and industry stakeholders.

High Level Goals


The IAIS Roadmap outlines the projects and activities the IAIS will progress in support of the objectives of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

The most recent Roadmap was published in January 2024 and can be found below. Previous versions can be found here.