Strategic Plan and Roadmap

The IAIS’ work is guided by its 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. Integral to the strategy are the high-level goals (HLGs) which specify focus areas for the Association’s efforts and leverage the potential for effective collaboration with partner organisations, other standard-setting bodies and industry stakeholders.

Specific areas of focus across the HLGs are the finalisation and implementation of post-crisis reforms, ongoing monitoring and assessment of key risks, addressing accelerating global trends that have the potential to reshape the business of insurance in the coming years, and implementation assessment and supervisory capacity-building activities.

To operationalise its strategy, the IAIS develops an annual work programme, known as the Roadmap. The Roadmap prioritises IAIS projects and activities over a two-year period but undergoes annual adaptations to align with newly identified risks and trends.

High-level goals from the IAIS Strategic Plan 2020-2024

In 2023 we initiated the development of our next five-year Strategic Plan 2025-2029. Valuable input from members and stakeholders allowed us to reflect on past achievements and shape a plan for the future, which builds on the intensive standard setting of recent years by increasingly focusing on the effective implementation of agreed standards. At the same time, our activities will continue to adapt to the changing environment, including areas such as climate risk, digital innovation and protection gaps.

Jonathan Dixon, IAIS Secretary General