Annual Reports

The IAIS has separated the previous IAIS Annual Report into two publications: the IAIS Year in Review and the IAIS Financial Report. 

The IAIS Year in Review provides an overview of the work of our Association and is  published earlier in the year to provide a more timely summary of our activities.

The IAIS Financial Report contains the financial statements of the IAIS for the 12 months from January to December, as well as reports from the Chairs of the Budget Committee and Audit and Risk Committee.

The 2021 Year in Review has a special focus on IAIS work on climate with a two-page overview of the IAIS’ pioneering work and reporting on achievements against the IAIS’ own Environmental Policy.  


“I am pleased to say that as an Association, we have remained resilient and focused on our core mission of protecting policyholders and maintaining global financial stability. At the same time, we have gained strength and experience to face new global challenges that may come our way.”

– Vicky Saporta, IAIS Executive Committee Chair

The most recent editions can be found below. All previous reports can be found here.

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