Indrani Thuraisingham

Vice President and Legal Advisor, Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations

Indrani Thuraisingham is currently the Vice President and Legal Advisor of FOMCA, the umbrella consumer body based in Malaysia. She has a long track record of 27 years of working and serving consumer associations in Malaysia. Her work also includes ASEAN, in her previous position as Head for the Office of Consumers International (CI)-Asia Pacific region, which is the membership organization for consumer associations around the world. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she has access to a vast network of consumer advocates in the Asia Pacific and Middle east region with her wide experience in the movement.

Indrani has broad knowledge and is a non-technical expert on consumer rights policy development, general product safety, empowering communities on sustainability, food security & safety, financial services, consumer participation in standards, e-commerce, digital rights, health & nutrition, alternative dispute resolution, human rights, gender and social justice, as well as good governance and development issues such as urban planning, water, sanitation, energy, and climate change.

She has also contributed to ASEAN publications, such as the ASEAN Handbook on Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations, and the ASEAN Toolkit on Sustainable Consumption.