Mary Frances Monroe

Director of Insurance Regulation and Policy, Institute of International Finance (IIF)

Mary Frances Monroe is the Director, Insurance Regulation and Policy, at the IIF, a position she has held for three years. She has extensive experience in the financial services sector with insurers, banking organizations, asset managers and other non-bank providers of financial services. In addition to leading the IIF’s insurance practice, Mary Frances contributes to work on non-bank financial intermediation and climate and cyber risks.

Mary Frances began her career in private law practice and later worked for the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. in various capacities, including representing the Federal Reserve at various Basel Committee working groups. She served the Bermuda Monetary Authority as Director of Policy, Research and International Affairs, and was responsible for obtaining the jurisdiction’s equivalence with the EU Solvency II Directive. Prior to joining the IIF, Mary Frances was a consultant to several large financial institutions on various regulatory and compliance matters.