Suzette Vogelsang

Vice Chair, IAIS Executive Committee
Head, Department (Banking, Insurance and FMI Supervision Department), Prudential Authority, South Africa 

Suzette Vogelsang is currently the Head of the Banking, Insurance and FMI Supervisory Department in the Prudential Authority of the South African Reserve Bank.

Suzette’s current supervisory responsibilities include the prudential supervision, on both a solo and group basis (where relevant), of the small to medium sized life and non-life insurance companies, small to medium sized banks (including foreign branches), and the solo prudential supervision of Financial Markets Infrastructures (securities and derivatives only).

Suzette was also responsible for managing the team that finalised the technical requirements of the new risk based solvency regime, introduced into legislation in South Africa in 2018.

Suzette represents the Prudential Authority in various industry forums in South Africa. She is currently the third Vice Chair of the IAIS’ Executive Committee, representing the emerging markets and developing economies. She is also the IAIS’ Regional Coordinator for the Sub-Saharan Africa region.